In March 2020 SMT joined Pattern Group, a group today made of seven Italian companies leader in engineering, development, prototyping and production for the most important international luxury brands, each focused on a specific sector.

In 2022 SMT acquired Zanni of Reggio Emilia, Italian and European leader in Wholegarment knitwear, a joint that gives SMT the possibility to focus on engineering and production of seamless knitwear.


based in Correggio (Reggio Emilia), Emilia Romagna
Luxury Knitwear


based in Collegno (Turin), Piemont
Luxury menswear,
focus on outerwear, sportswear and tailoring



based in Spello (Perugia), Umbria
Luxury womenswear,
focus on soft fabrics and jersey, dresses and couture

ZANNI LOGO_Bicolor on white

based in Reggio Emilia, Emilia Romagna
Wholegarment knitwear


based in Scandicci (Florence), Tuscany
Luxury Leather Goods

62738d0ddf11bd5f22338bc5_PETRI_LOGO_Bicolor on white

based in Bientina (Florence), Tuscany
Luxury leather goods

62738d418e551529e30cb9e5_Bicolor on White

based in Reggello (Florence), Tuscany
Luxury leather goods

The coexistence of 4 units allows the Group to directly manage several across-the-board works, including hybrid garments characterized by different materials and processing.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

The mission of the Group consists in finding a balance between handicrafts and technology.
As a matter of fact, Pattern Group constantly invests in the research and development of all phases of design and production process. The best examples are the research of the most sophisticated CAD 3D software for pattern making and the implementation since 2020 of the digital warehouse in Turin to optimize the processes of the supply chain thanks to the development of blockchain and RFID technology.
At the same time, Pattern – that cares a lot about human resources – has adopted since 2012 an internal code of ethics, defining in written form a clear company policy in relation to the social, organisational and work condition responsibility.

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