‘Psycoknit’: the beneficial power of knitwear

Froy, the KnitDesign Research Group of the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano, SMT- Società Manifattura Tessile, Shima Seiki and Lanificio dell’Olivo worked together on the project “Psycoknit”, or “the beneficial power of knitwear”, in which design, psychology and technology dialogue in a sensory journey to reflect on the changes in interpersonal relationships post Covid-19. 

Presented at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, Psycoknit represents an innovation and inclusion project aimed at raising public awareness of mental health issues, an individual and choral experience that invites reflection on post Covid-19 interpersonal relationships. 

Starting from the theories of Knit Therapy and through the innovative technologies linked to the world of knitwear, a project is born that looks to the future, involving the visitor in the present and projecting him/her into an emotional and sensorial journey. 

SMT, in particular, created the uniforms for the staff on duty at the Froy stand using a jacquard technique and a blend of cotton and viscose yarns.

Psycoknit was also an opportunity to consolidate relations with the industrial partners involved in the project.

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